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Who We Are

JomlahBazar is a wholesale eMarketplace, catering to both Business to Business and individual bulk buyers from inside and outside UAE. We are a digital platform where buyers from different parts of the world can connect and build relationship directly with wholesale sellers, manufacturers and distributors. This platform is where your business can gain access to a more secure and open digital shopping world.

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JomlahBazar Benefits

Joining JomlahBazar gives sellers access to new markets both in domestic and global trades, and buyers an avenue to expand their business' potential for lowest prices:

Communication channels for both buyers and sellers are all transparently published and integrated in the website creating an easy transaction.
to maintain a secure and credible environment for transactions and negotiations , both buyers and sellers has the option to verify and rate each other.
JomlahBazar's promise is to cater to all stakeholders, may it be our buyers, sellers or third party partners. This ties up with our vision of being the most preferred e-Marketplace one day.
JomlahBazar carefully chooses the sellers to on-board based on tedious selection to ensure that the buyer will get the lowest prices and the best deals from the market.
Buyers will be connected with wide array of sellers and products and sellers on the other hand are also exposed to over 5,000 SME consumers.
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